It’s probably something that most people have dreamt of at some stage, turning a hobby or leisure pursuit into a successful business.
A lot of people are doing it, although for most, the money they generate does little more than cover their costs. So how do you turn something you just get a kick out of doing in your spare time, into a venture that’s big enough to let you give up your day job?

I personally have had this coming a long time like from Ten years ago I just noticed this passion for clothing things and way back the best bet was my doll,I actually had too many fights with my mum and older siblings because I end up spending my whole time seeing clothes for my Barbie at some point I started taking her as my child πŸ˜‚I was little and in my head all I could think of was her well being but then one day after watching sound of music I got a funny inspiration to buy more toys,I went on to save every little dime I laid my hands on and with the help of my best friend in high school I was able to buy 4more to represent Louissa,Gretl,Briggita and Marta I already had Leisel and that meant more clothes for my girls,this went on and on till one day my mum stumbled on my squad I can’t forget the way she yelled because she saw pieces of clothes she had kept aside to give to the orphanage but I didn’t understand all that I only knew we outgrew all the clothes she kept aside and to me they were useless to us,she was so furious that she seized all the dolls n locked them up and those days I automatically turned to a saddist in the house,nothing else mattered to me I even sneak into her room when she’s not home to change their clothes n take measurements for new clothes I’ll make them later,even my sisters taught I was mad at some point it just got too much but well I was sane.   

 Ready to wear Peplums by D!

 Then one day sometime in 2008 we went for a long vacation at my aunty’s in sapele (delta state),God bless you aunty Stella Oraka! She was already into fashion and cloth making she has a section in her house where professionals do their work while she supervises,the moment I landed and saw that,Wow!! I felt like I just made heaven and the best part is that my mum didn’t join us she was home with dad.Every morning I’m up and off to that workshop,to me all I wanted was to use the machine to make Leisel n her sisters new clothes I believed it wuld look neater than what I did manually then one day my aunty caught me with some clothes in the pocket of my gown I remember how she said “u_u why are you packing rags in your pocket?” I had to tell her they were no rags they’re clothes for my dolls then I brought them out and showed her,she laughed so hard I evn started laughing too she was tearing and laughing then she carried me and kept on her table and we had a long talk I was surprised for once someone sees life from my perspective she didn’t think I was just a child she instructed one of her workers to teach me how to cut properly n do other things,the excitement I felt is just unexplainable then she called my mum and told her everything of course my mum was far away soshe didn’t have any option than to agree.

We spent bout 3months with her before coming back home and before I left I beaded this dress for her,she was using it for a function with my parents,Then after the wedding my mum came home and showed me pics of both of them from the wedding and kept asking if I actually beaded that dress,hahaa at that point I was already feeling too cool with my self but then she was happy and started encouraging me plus she already had a sewing machine at home but she didn’t let me touch it then just after secondary school before uni She allowed me to start using hers while I waited for admission and boom!! I’m sure we already know the rest.

This story is just to encourage us all,you’ll never know what your purpose might be if you don’t try anything,no matter what people say,no matter how much they despise it as long as it’s right and you know you can make it big someday,just do it.

You can’t get anywhere if you keep making excuses in life so please pay attention to your hobby/leisure don’t be the type to sleep in all day and make excuses the next day just dress up and show up! Take a step and let the rest follow.
Have a fabulous week fam and God bless!

Ma’am D.