Hello everyone, *hides face* I know y’all might want to give me a punch in the face or evn worse I get it,and I totally accept being wrong here,haven’t posted in months and there’s definitely no excuse for that,but let’s say I’m back for better and no more excuses to blanking out on everyone expecting. So that being said we’l be moving on to a sizzling take on designing  today, atimes I wonder how some designers come up with certain styles like the Chen Burkett  2016 designs,totally fabulous!! Who thought Ankara could really play out well for the office on a Monday morning? Well Chen did and showed us how,I admit she inspires me a whole lot . Permit me to say designing is just what you create from your imaginations,like Iv made a couple of outfits from personal  sketch books and trust me when I say it’s fulfilling! So I encourage us to keep being creative,you’d never know if you don’t step out to discover you. 

N/B-Rome wasn’t built in a day! Have fun being creative.

 Off to work! Yay or nay?  

 Thanks for reading and stay blessed.