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 Amen! *giggling* I can’t help but be thankful for a new week again,time to retry all the efforts from last week that failed and of course there’s no such thing as giving up, you try,try again and just do that on repeat till you get exactly what it should be. I never used to be the type to be patient basically because I’m short tempered which is  something I’m ashamed of, but I can actually applaud me on certain are reactions lately, sometimes I’m in a situation where I have like 2 differnt people inside me telling me what to do and lord I hear the real me clearly but I do the right thing anyway, please hear me, there’s no point doing or saying something wrong/hurtful and saying sorry much later, I’m sure y’all already know why, we don’t want to be at that weak end apologizing over something that shouldn’t even be in the first place,I used to be that weak chap doing all the wrongs and saying sorry at the end. My dad gave me a book way back when I used to do a lot of crazy stuff in anger it’s captioned PRAYER,TEMPER AND BIG BUSINESS by the preciding Bishop and his wife Faith Oyedepo. That book opened my eyes like literally I learnt so much and the best part of that period must have been the fact that I was withdrawn from everything except family. In a month I saw changes in my    perspective,the way I viewed things changed,the way I react to certain issues changed,I was thankful for that masterpiece put together by Bishop Oyedepo,I pray God keeps blessing him! For any individual that wishes to be successful and happy I’ll recommend you try to do any of these as it worked  for me;

1) Forgive- This often poses itself as a big deal when it’s not,it’s actually best to forgive when the offender doesn’t deserve it. Asking why? I’ll tell us. When someone offends you no matter how awful it feels,you should free yourself from that bondage,unforgivness can hinder your own progress and you must not wait for an official apopogy before you let it go, the longer you hold on to it the more you remain stagnant, I’m yet to see the man that holds down someone to a pit without having to be stuck down there with him, it’s only right to set yourself free and soar!

 2) Humility – This one sounds easy but it’s actually a big blow in the face especially when pride is all over puffing up shoulders, it’s better to be on the low and have  others  blow your trumpets I think it’s more rewarding than being loud,proud and most times empty,let’s keep calm and let God. #humility is key

3) Prayer – this is the major key. It works anytime if not everytime,no matter how bad the situation gets just say a word of prayer I mean it doesn’t cost money,you don’t need special requirements to say a prayer it’s just you,your heart and your maker,why not make thisan every hour routine and see how things turn out,imagine having your utterance initiated by God, no demon can get you mad,nothing can move you at such you’l just be laughing at the attempts to get at you. ill be glad to hear from any of us who has feed backs from this few tips, I hope it helps someone have a great week filled with breathe taking testimonies and lots more!

Have a fabulous week!! xo

Maam’ D