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  In west Africa, 90% of us wear Ankara on Fridays,where this came up from we are not sure,many see it as being “proudly African” but why Fridays? OK let’s say its in preparation for the weekend,so we Dont look so uptight at work,we loosen up a bit with our attire.Unknown to many of you Ankara which is commonly known as “African fabric” goes by a multitude of names: Dutch wax print, Real English Wax, Veritable Java Print, Guaranteed Dutch Java, Veritable Dutch Hollandais. They are not Nigerian fabrics(in recent times it is now being produces in west Africa,by likes of vilisco,Woodin etc). I grew up calling them ankara and they’ve always been a huge symbol of my Nigerian and African identity.

In the 19th century West Africans embraced these Dutch wax prints, using and assimilating them into societies as a part of culture and self-expression. The English were manufacturing and selling wax print textiles as well, but the Dutch brands were more popular.
Dutch wax prints carried, and still carry, an enormous amount of prestige and this was mostly likely due to their uniqueness as part of an European industry producing for export markets solely in West Africa.
Irrespective of the origin of the fabric,we tend to embrace every stylish design that is made out of prints.

Lately designing has taken so many positive turns or should i say things have just evolved for better especially with ankara prints. i stumbled on an outfit online being sold by Zuvaa and my word! i was dazzled at the melange piece, i had to make proper enquiry on how the fabrics were put together i say it pays to be creative. 

 Anyone can pull this off! rocking this would be awesome yay  or nay?

i hope we all have an awesome friday and weekend ahead i think mine would be lit as always and of course i would keep us updated if it gets really juicy,aha i almost forgot again i finally gave in to making male outfits and the first attempt is impressive maybe because it was made for a wonderful man!! *clears throat*   

its actually encouraging when you make an outfit based on guess work for appropriate measurements and it still turns out nicely although a bit tight but he’s satisfied and so am i. Please feel free to send a mail (maamdee@outlook.com) call or whatsapp(07059894851) for your own hook up or add up on instagram and send a DM(@maam_d_apparel) thanks for stopping by once again, stayblessed!

maam d.