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A warm morning to my awesome readers, I trust you all had a great weekend? I’ll say I’m well rested and plain thankful to be back at work to face the grind,who else smells the fresh start each week?

Well today I’m not doing any basic motivational posts maybe not yet because today I’m celebrating a wonderful lady who turns out to be my younger sister! It’s suprising how time flies, it feels like yesterday when we used to fight a lot over very irrelevant things errm well now theyr irrelevant but don’t you dare say that if we met 10/8 years ago cuz ild gladly beat you up!😂 yes I was that tough,but despite all the drama we had growing up we still had a way of smoothening things out,the way we acted “play” and even wrote books we used to act our own reality 😩 lawd the way we turn the house upside down is the part I still don’t understand and I pray my kids don’t ever do that to my house,God bless you Mrs. Ogechukwu Benadette Ebo aka B fix! Real super woman!! Her tolerance is out of this world

Although sometimes her hands spoke louder than her voice but it actually made sense that way especially now We’r all grown. So today I’m wishing you all the good things this life has got to offer, I pray you attain greater heights,above all sister I wish you long life and prosperity,good health and God’s abundant Grace,I pray this new year brings you joy,peace and love! Have fun and remain blessed baby! Love you always!


Cheers to a great week ahead!

Maam d.