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Good morning everyone! I’ve had a funny week and there’s rather a lot of this going on, at the moment.

Know the feeling?

Some people call it writer’s block. I call it I need a kick up my arse! Yes, I said arse, on a Sunday!

What is wrong? I don’t know, but I lack concentration and energy. Maybe I died in the night? No… there’s a faint pulse.
So, in order to kick start my creativity, I’ve found this.

I suspect I’m the space cadet. In deep space, with my dreams. I have amazing ideas; don’t we all? But, I jot them down and suddenly… they’re not so amazing!
I can be the angry young woman – not so young though but angry, all the same.
I’m definitely in danger of becoming the weird recluse.(I think I may be there already) I can be business like when required; although whether I could be described as a ray of sunshine… well that is for the reader to decide.
I don’t see myself as a bitter failure, though. Even when the blank computer screen taunts me and the words become jumbled up in my aching and noisy head; I’m not a failure. We all have our bad days/weeks/months/years.
I’ve just had a pain in the arse of a week and even when my phone decides to blank out the whole day,I just tossed it on the side and went on like nothing happened. Then my eye has been extra specially painful and what I have managed to scribble down, leaves a lot to be desired. Somewhere in amongst all of this mess and mayhem,I’m getting to have an awesome Sunday Afterall who knows,it’s probably a sign this week would be awesome!
Who doesn’t love baked chicken,thaicilantrogingercalamari and some green peas with zucchini and mashed potatoes!💋

So, today is a new start. This post may not be the most amazing; but it certainly beats nothing.

Finally, before I clear off to procrastinate some more (Hamlet has got nothing on me!)here’s some advice on how to be a boring , bad writer.
 *chuckling* I really hope no one needs that.

Thanks for dropping by and thanks again Dr. David, God bless you.
Have a great Sunday and a blessed week ahead!