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*inhale-exhale* I can’t express how occupied Iv been in the past week or 2,it’s got to be the toughest days of my life. Too many things going on and me holding on and making sure i get it all done and the thing about clothe making is that you tend to be possessed by fabrics I have over 10 clothes pending and on Sunday I went to visit a friend of mine she always wanted me to make her stuff so of course I took her measurements and then I got the shocker of my life she had her fabrics (4) in the room all wrapped up waiting,I couldn’t say no, I already got this blood clot on my left leg from the work done behind the wheels. 

(Who leaves their legs unshaved looking all tacky?that happened to me too💔)

Truth is I felt so terrible seeing that clot again cuz Iv had it once and I panicked badly but the doctor asked what sport I do often or if I walk long distances but hell naw I be rocking my feet on the wheels! After I got to know it was normal and I just needed to slow down with the machine especially when I’m not well rested,I’ve handled it better.Anyways, I’ve decided to cool off! One step at a time, one clothe when I can every now and then but judging from the fact that I do an 8-5 cmon, I’m actually hilarious thinking I could pull that off, the other day a friend called me and the only thing he asked was “are you okay?” Well of course I said Yasss im great, he sounded serious this time and said “look Damaris,uv been Mia like everywhere uv not had coffee at Neo in months unlike you usually do,u don’t even make posts here or IG,tell me what’s up,is anything wrong?” Then I heaved a great sigh! I felt like laughing but I didn’t want to create the impression that I think he’s a joker cuz for once someone else noticed Iv been worked up and gradually sinking,then I kinda explained what’s been going on,he was upset that I was over working my self to meet demands from clients even when most of the ppl are under paying my efforts,nigga talked me bk to reality cuz if I break down someday I bet none of em would be around to pay me a visit. Basically il advice everyone else having to set targets and want to jump off a bride trying to accomplish it,You Only Live Once, and if you live right once is enough. Cheers to freedom! Cheers to a fulfilled month! Cheers to a life free of negativity! 

And so in my spare time Iv been sketching some cute designs for the guys, can’t wait to kick start some of the outfits 

I hope to make the guys proud again, first attempt slayed! God willing I’ll pull through.

Wishing everyone a thriving and productive Tuesday, encourage someone today! Inhale confidence, exhale fears. 

Maam D