Hello guys, I know…… i know …… oh no! Apologies! I totally understand what’s going through your minds now. Yes that was wrong, yes I admit it and have found a way to make sure I don’t disappear again(MULTITASKING). Often times we find ourselves into too many activities and not being able to focus on every single thing that matter but women generally are known to be fantastic multi tasking beings and we totes give it up to them and moving forward we would try to keep everyone in the loop on all platforms available for this brand. 

Over to the next one but first we appreciate the feedbacks from the previous months especially those that suggested we make ready to wear outfits along side basic designed clothes,you made it happen and we are pleased to announce that we now have Tops,Gowns,Trousers and Back packs in different sizes and fabrics ready for pickup or delivery. We would be uploading pictures soon in our next post and your ready to wear would just be a click away. 

Have a lovely weekend ahead and don’t forget to step out in style!👏