Mantra Monday !


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 Amen! *giggling* I can’t help but be thankful for a new week again,time to retry all the efforts from last week that failed and of course there’s no such thing as giving up, you try,try again and just do that on repeat till you get exactly what it should be. I never used to be the type to be patient basically because I’m short tempered which is  something I’m ashamed of, but I can actually applaud me on certain are reactions lately, sometimes I’m in a situation where I have like 2 differnt people inside me telling me what to do and lord I hear the real me clearly but I do the right thing anyway, please hear me, there’s no point doing or saying something wrong/hurtful and saying sorry much later, I’m sure y’all already know why, we don’t want to be at that weak end apologizing over something that shouldn’t even be in the first place,I used to be that weak chap doing all the wrongs and saying sorry at the end. My dad gave me a book way back when I used to do a lot of crazy stuff in anger it’s captioned PRAYER,TEMPER AND BIG BUSINESS by the preciding Bishop and his wife Faith Oyedepo. That book opened my eyes like literally I learnt so much and the best part of that period must have been the fact that I was withdrawn from everything except family. In a month I saw changes in my    perspective,the way I viewed things changed,the way I react to certain issues changed,I was thankful for that masterpiece put together by Bishop Oyedepo,I pray God keeps blessing him! For any individual that wishes to be successful and happy I’ll recommend you try to do any of these as it worked  for me;

1) Forgive- This often poses itself as a big deal when it’s not,it’s actually best to forgive when the offender doesn’t deserve it. Asking why? I’ll tell us. When someone offends you no matter how awful it feels,you should free yourself from that bondage,unforgivness can hinder your own progress and you must not wait for an official apopogy before you let it go, the longer you hold on to it the more you remain stagnant, I’m yet to see the man that holds down someone to a pit without having to be stuck down there with him, it’s only right to set yourself free and soar!

 2) Humility – This one sounds easy but it’s actually a big blow in the face especially when pride is all over puffing up shoulders, it’s better to be on the low and have  others  blow your trumpets I think it’s more rewarding than being loud,proud and most times empty,let’s keep calm and let God. #humility is key

3) Prayer – this is the major key. It works anytime if not everytime,no matter how bad the situation gets just say a word of prayer I mean it doesn’t cost money,you don’t need special requirements to say a prayer it’s just you,your heart and your maker,why not make thisan every hour routine and see how things turn out,imagine having your utterance initiated by God, no demon can get you mad,nothing can move you at such you’l just be laughing at the attempts to get at you. ill be glad to hear from any of us who has feed backs from this few tips, I hope it helps someone have a great week filled with breathe taking testimonies and lots more!

Have a fabulous week!! xo

Maam’ D


Sunday affair 

  Hey Fam!! Who else is excited about April? I hope I’m not the only one,  already there’s too many celebrations rolling first I get take 1 month leave from work next my day one nigga got hitched on her birthday 😍  congrats baby girl!!! 

Wishing you all the coolest of Sundays. Mine is pretttttty freaking chill. Well, aside from getting up mad late and unable to make it to church, slept quite late after being on the longest flight ever to arrive my destination at almost 12am,I hoped to make it to church anyway but 

Now I’m chilling in a bubu both feet up on the couch  watching movies with my main and catching up on old gists…  
It’s been a good day so far.
Maybe I’ll put away some laundry later. Maybe I won’t. I hope your day is relaxed to the max! can  April get any better please?  ok let’s talk about  us,what’s your Sunday vibe saying ?? 

Maam D 


Happy Easter 


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  “Happy Easter” is going to be on everyone’s lips today, but how often do we stop to think how truly happy we should be? Over the course of the past forty days, and especially the last week, we have been reminded of exactly what God has done for us.  

 We should be hyper-aware that we are loved beyond measure.  Don’t forget to step out in style today.

Jesus lives!!!!

My sins are forgiven!!!
 God loves me!!
 Happy Easter!

Maam’ D

TGIF!! (good-friday) 


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  Today has really been pretty awesome probably because of the public hols.Iv spent the whole day taking care of me from the sumptuous breakie and fruits to my wash-day routine to exercising then to DIY facial masks then  lunch and embracing my new crotchet weaves that just arrived from my fabulous  Hannah basic services,cut long story short today’s been awesome!! But We’r not forgetting what today is really about,are we? Never mind we’l quickly refresh our memories with all the details about today. This Friday is Good Friday, the day on which Christians commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. The name may seem counterintuitive to many Christians and nonbelievers, since the day is typically viewed as a solemn one, often observed with fasting and sober  processions. But why is Good Friday called Good Friday?  

Probably because good used to mean holy. There are a few theories about why Good Friday is called Good Friday,  
Good Friday is called Good Friday because,  there is something very good about it: It is the anniversary,  of Jesus suffering and dying for our sins. That terrible Friday has been called Good Friday because it led to the Resurrection of Jesus and his victory over death and sin and the celebration of Easter, the very pinnacle of Christian celebrations.  

 By the death of Jesus We’r set free from the chains of sickness,sin and death,it’s up to us to choose the right path so basically in memory of the love of God having sent his son to die for us,We’r thankful and grateful !  

Happy Easter fam! God bless you always, 

Maam’ D

 Motivation Monday: Motivation for Mondays .


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Why do we do these posts on Monday? Is it because of the alliteration that makes it catchy and draws you to these posts? A little bit. but the main reason behind making a weekly motivation post on a Monday is that for most people, Monday is the beginning of the week, a fresh start after everything that happened last week. Today starts off wet if you are in Lagos you’l understand what I mean. Sitting at the  back seat of a friend’s car heading to a seminar under this heavy rain but then it’s only right to wake up,dress up and show up. But I’m really amazed at the urge in people to get to their offices,I applaud everyone out here on this express(lekki epe) making it through the traffic just to be where they ought to .  

  Why do so many people despise Monday? For most, it’s the end of time off with the ones they love and back to the work for five days. There is an innate dread for the start of a long work week filled with challenges. I remember feeling this way on several ocassions throughout my teenage and uni years. I would have rather been out having fun although we need the money to support the fun tho,Are there ways to battle the Monday blahs? 

1. Sleep More

Thinking about the busy week ahead causes stress, which releases the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is good in moderation as it helps us manage our stress. But it has the effect of keeping us stimulated, so yes worrying about Monday does keep you awake at night. Sleep deprivation makes everything so much worse about working. If you can do something relaxing the night before and go to bed early you can feel well rested in the morning, which has the added effect of giving our body the extra energy and repair it needs for the week ahead. Every time I’ve fought the Monday dread on Sunday night and gone to be early I’ve woken up feeling pretty good about Monday.

2. Make a list, check it twice

When we have problems that we can’t solve right away, they tend to dominate our thoughts. We analyse them and they race through our head over and over again. This comes to a head on

Sunday night because you have to face the problems on Monday. To get things out of your head, the best thing to do is write it down, all of it. It lets you tell your brain that you don’t have to think about it constantly; you won’t forget it because you wrote it down. You can make a list on Sunday night or Monday morning, whenever your stress levels are high. Once I get everything on paper I can get to it in time and forget about it for the time being, which allows me to relax and enjoy the rest of my fleeting weekend.

3. Find the good, or make some good!

Find a way to make Monday a day to look forward to. Take up a hobby, join a club, play a sport, whatever you feel like. For one it will make you a more well-rounded person and give you some extra social activity. But it will also give you something to look forward to on Mondays. You can focus on the enjoyment of this activity instead of the long grind of work. You could try swimming   on Monday nights, a sport I really enjoy. It gives me some exercise and some social activity, two things that naturally alleviate stress (at least for an extrovert like myself).

In general, usually by Tuesday, something happens…. we suddenly don’t feel so bad. Work just becomes the routine and we go with it. It still isn’t ideal, but having experienced Monday, we feel the worst is over and we can keep at it a bit easier, so we don’t feel as much stress. If you can simplify and work through Monday, the rest of the week can seem pretty good.

If you are truly unhappy about not just Mondays, but work days in general, it may be time to look for something that does make you happy. I know some people feel stuck in the life they have, for varying reasons, but for most people, successfully moving to a more enjoyable career isn’t impossible. You only have one life, so you should do whatever you can to enjoy it. Do have a great week ahead! 

Maam D

What does your International day of happiness say??


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   Happiness does not come from buying a new house or an expensive car. The thrill of buying something new is very short lived. Happiness can not be found in the world outside ourselves. Happiness is an inside job. Each of us is responsible for our own happiness.
The same can be said for those of us who are creative leaders. The happiness created by the acceptance of our work by a publisher or an art gallery is only temporary. If we are not happy on the inside, we will soon return to our negative feelings of failure and frustration.  
There is always going to be someone who is richer than you, more  successful than you. Likewise, there is always someone who is poorer than you, less successful than you. No amount of money or success will free us from our fears and doubts. No amount of money will eliminate the pain in our hearts. If you win the lottery tomorrow, you will still be the same person you are today. The money will not make you happy if you are not already happy.  
Happiness comes from loving and caring for those around us, from sharing of ourselves with the people in our lives. Happiness comes from creating what we want to create, not what the market wants to buy. Happiness comes from making the most with what you have and not coveting the success of your neighbor.

Stay happy,don’t  stop being creative and keep slaying!xo

Maam D

Sunday Affair 


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     My love life with smoothies continues with this yummy papaya recipe.
1 cup fresh papaya
1 cup frozen papaya
5 fresh mint leaves
Coconut water from 1 whole young Fresh coconut
1 small cucumber
1/2 cup raspberries
Juice of 1/2 lime
Directions : 
So this is obviously pretty straight forward. You just blend everything together. You can sub in regular coconut water if you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding an actual coconut. I get mine at Whole Foods and I drink the coconut water straight out of the coconut. It’s the absolute best. you can also make vegan ceviche with the coconut flesh rather than trashing it afterwards or just having to eat it.As for the papaya I like to freeze my own rather than buy it from the freezer section. Give this recipe a try and let me know what you think. Happy Sunday! 

Maam D

TGIF!!! Sensational styles to keep you going 😍

Ankara has consistently maintained a trend that we can’t help but keep bringing these amazing styles to you every now and then. Every week, there is always a style that is worth seeing as designers have taken the bold steps of re-branding and bringing different amazing styles to the limelight, making Ankara a favorite for all.

  Gone are those days when you contemplate about using this fabulous print; now it is a chic style option because of its versatility. Today, Ankara has different designs tailored to specific needs and occasions,especially with the inventio of western ideas to the styles, this has really boost the endless love for Ankara.


 The styles to choose from her becoming enormous, and you have to have a great eye for fashion to keep up with trends.

With you Ankara fashion forward trends, we got you covered.

Checkout these amazing styles for your next party!


 Business on top, party at the bottom 😉 

Who rocks those better than Juhmahi?😘

   Nadia does that!👏

Thanks for stopping by and have a weekend as fabulous as you!! Xo,

Maam D

Designing Today! ✂️📝


Hello everyone, *hides face* I know y’all might want to give me a punch in the face or evn worse I get it,and I totally accept being wrong here,haven’t posted in months and there’s definitely no excuse for that,but let’s say I’m back for better and no more excuses to blanking out on everyone expecting. So that being said we’l be moving on to a sizzling take on designing  today, atimes I wonder how some designers come up with certain styles like the Chen Burkett  2016 designs,totally fabulous!! Who thought Ankara could really play out well for the office on a Monday morning? Well Chen did and showed us how,I admit she inspires me a whole lot . Permit me to say designing is just what you create from your imaginations,like Iv made a couple of outfits from personal  sketch books and trust me when I say it’s fulfilling! So I encourage us to keep being creative,you’d never know if you don’t step out to discover you. 

N/B-Rome wasn’t built in a day! Have fun being creative.

 Off to work! Yay or nay?  

 Thanks for reading and stay blessed. 


Discover You!😍

It’s probably something that most people have dreamt of at some stage, turning a hobby or leisure pursuit into a successful business.
A lot of people are doing it, although for most, the money they generate does little more than cover their costs. So how do you turn something you just get a kick out of doing in your spare time, into a venture that’s big enough to let you give up your day job?

I personally have had this coming a long time like from Ten years ago I just noticed this passion for clothing things and way back the best bet was my doll,I actually had too many fights with my mum and older siblings because I end up spending my whole time seeing clothes for my Barbie at some point I started taking her as my child 😂I was little and in my head all I could think of was her well being but then one day after watching sound of music I got a funny inspiration to buy more toys,I went on to save every little dime I laid my hands on and with the help of my best friend in high school I was able to buy 4more to represent Louissa,Gretl,Briggita and Marta I already had Leisel and that meant more clothes for my girls,this went on and on till one day my mum stumbled on my squad I can’t forget the way she yelled because she saw pieces of clothes she had kept aside to give to the orphanage but I didn’t understand all that I only knew we outgrew all the clothes she kept aside and to me they were useless to us,she was so furious that she seized all the dolls n locked them up and those days I automatically turned to a saddist in the house,nothing else mattered to me I even sneak into her room when she’s not home to change their clothes n take measurements for new clothes I’ll make them later,even my sisters taught I was mad at some point it just got too much but well I was sane.   

 Ready to wear Peplums by D!

 Then one day sometime in 2008 we went for a long vacation at my aunty’s in sapele (delta state),God bless you aunty Stella Oraka! She was already into fashion and cloth making she has a section in her house where professionals do their work while she supervises,the moment I landed and saw that,Wow!! I felt like I just made heaven and the best part is that my mum didn’t join us she was home with dad.Every morning I’m up and off to that workshop,to me all I wanted was to use the machine to make Leisel n her sisters new clothes I believed it wuld look neater than what I did manually then one day my aunty caught me with some clothes in the pocket of my gown I remember how she said “u_u why are you packing rags in your pocket?” I had to tell her they were no rags they’re clothes for my dolls then I brought them out and showed her,she laughed so hard I evn started laughing too she was tearing and laughing then she carried me and kept on her table and we had a long talk I was surprised for once someone sees life from my perspective she didn’t think I was just a child she instructed one of her workers to teach me how to cut properly n do other things,the excitement I felt is just unexplainable then she called my mum and told her everything of course my mum was far away soshe didn’t have any option than to agree.

We spent bout 3months with her before coming back home and before I left I beaded this dress for her,she was using it for a function with my parents,Then after the wedding my mum came home and showed me pics of both of them from the wedding and kept asking if I actually beaded that dress,hahaa at that point I was already feeling too cool with my self but then she was happy and started encouraging me plus she already had a sewing machine at home but she didn’t let me touch it then just after secondary school before uni She allowed me to start using hers while I waited for admission and boom!! I’m sure we already know the rest.

This story is just to encourage us all,you’ll never know what your purpose might be if you don’t try anything,no matter what people say,no matter how much they despise it as long as it’s right and you know you can make it big someday,just do it.

You can’t get anywhere if you keep making excuses in life so please pay attention to your hobby/leisure don’t be the type to sleep in all day and make excuses the next day just dress up and show up! Take a step and let the rest follow.
Have a fabulous week fam and God bless!

Ma’am D.